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It was published by Midway Games for the Super . Alongside the game, a comic book series, called The Mercs for Money, was also published. It was published by Marvel Comics. Plot In the world of the Mercs for Money comic, Deadpool is a mercenary working for Simon Williams, who intends to use Deadpool's mercenary team, the Deadpool Mercs, to gather information on a nuclear attack. Williams wants to sell the information to the highest bidder, but he is assassinated by his assistant, Icktos. Williams then re-enlists the Mercs for Money. Gameplay The Mercs for Money is a first-person shooter. Like the games of the Doom series, the Mercs for Money is set in a 3D world, but has a fixed camera angle. Unlike Doom, which allowed players to perform certain moves such as strafing while jumping, the Mercs for Money has fixed movement. The Mercs for Money also features platforming elements, but these are set in a 2D plane. The Mercs for Money can also be played with a gamepad and two analog sticks, although the game does not require one. Development The Mercs for Money was announced in December 1999, in a joint press release from Midway and Marvel Comics. The Mercs for Money was Midway's first game to be developed with the Unreal Engine, and it is the first Midway game to have a fixed camera angle. Promotion Midway released comic books, action figures and apparel for The Mercs for Money. The comic books featured covers from Marvel's own Deadra, who inspired Deadpool in the first place. The Deadra comics were the first to be released for the Mercs for Money, with the first six issues being released in 1999. The comic book series would be renamed The Mercs for Money: The Mercs' Death Match following the release of the seventh issue, which also acts as the game's ending. The game's official website, which debuted in June 1999, included more information on the game. The Mercs for Money: The Mercs' Death Match is also a tie-in to the game's fictional universe. Reception The game received "mixed" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. According to Steve Healey of IGN, "the bad news is that Mercs for Money was a pretty substandard and uninspired game. The good news is that it was mercifully




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DeadpoolrepackMrDJcrackfree cricclov

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