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What's that to you?

There are two sides to this Corona coin: the simple slowdown most of our lives desperately needed on the one hand, and the fear, anxiety, and restlessness none of us wanted on the other.

Both have brought us together for the most part.

But as this whole situation wears on, there's a creeping separation spreading. Strong feelings about how to do quarantine correctly are surfacing. The Wall Street Journal had a piece last weekend about neighbors shaming each other in online HOA groups if they perceived someone was stepping out of line. (Friendly reminder: never post anything ending with "if it were my kid I'd want to know." If it were your kid, you'd hope your neighbor had the decency to come to you rather than pretend he was doing a service to society by publicly shaming you).

Jesus had one thing to say to Peter when he started comparing himself to others: "what is that to you? As for you, follow me" (John 21:22).

Some of us are going to come out of this thing with renewed vigor and refreshed spirits. Some of us will be greatly diminished and have a hard time getting back on our feet. Most of us will fall somewhere in between.

So when that sneaking feeling of judgment starts to rise, take a deep breath and remember the simple, life changing words of Jesus: what is that to you? You follow me.

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