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This Kid

This kid has given us a run for our money.

When Sam was three years old we pulled up unannounced to our new church in Ohio. Sam jumped out of our legendary 12 passenger van, burst through the doors, and ran full throttle down the main hallway. One of the custodians yelled: "no running in the church!" Sam looked him right in the eye and said, "You're not the boss of me." Then he took off again.

So began the long journey of simultaneously encouraging Sam's larger-than-life personality, on the one hand, and not allowing him to run roughshod over everything in his wake, on the other.

To God be all the glory for turning this kid into the young man he is today:

When Sam wanted more independence, he started Sam's Lawn and Landscape. Over three years, he grew his business, bought more equipment, and employed teammates and friends in the process.

He helped lead his football in an undefeated run to the State Championship. When they lost in the last seconds of a heartbreaking game, Sam said "I'd rather lose with this team than win with another."

Despite pressure to make a college decision, he patiently waited for the perfect offer. As he signed his letter of intent to play football for West Point, Sam said "I want to thank God for putting me in this position, He put me in a position to be successful. I want to thank my parents who gave me every opportunity to be successful and put me in a position where if I wasn't here, it would be my fault. I want to thank my coaches and teammates for getting me here."

The West Point motto is: "Duty. Honor. Service." All three -- and so much more -- will be required of him as he takes this next step. I have no doubt my larger-than-life, strong-willed Sammy Bammy will continue to make us proud...

... This kid has come a long way from "you're not the boss of me."

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