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The More the Merrier. Even with Kids.

My husband sent me this article yesterday. (The title gives the whole thing away: "Prince Harry may want two kids max—but life is better with a big family"). I can relate to everything Bethany Mandel says, even the part about feeling like a "Coney Island freak show attraction" when traveling en masse as a family. (I had a repairman once ask me if I was running a day care. I had four children at the time).

It was a sweet reminder of days gone by. We don't travel as a pack much anymore. Even our vacation this year had people flying in and out on different days. It's a rare birthday dinner or family event when we're all out together. I kind of miss the "freak show attraction" we once were.

Aside from the daycare comment, another question almost everyone asks is, "how can you afford that many kids?"

I love Mandel's response:

"It’s a hard fact to accept, especially in our overachieving, helicopter society, but kids don’t need all that much. Kids can, and should, share clothes, rooms, toys, supplies and more, and forcing them to do so doesn’t just help your bottom line, it teaches important life lessons as well. What’s important in life? More stuff or more family?"

It's not for everyone, obviously, but having a big family has been one of our life's biggest blessings.

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