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The Danger of Making Your Kids Like Each Other

One thing that never occurred to me when we sent our oldest off to college was that it would be hard for my little ones. Never even crossed my mind. Seriously? How is it even possible that I was that clueless?

In my defense I was fairly preoccupied with the actual logistics of moving a child 1200 miles away. Not to mention all the details of getting the other five off to a good start with the mountains of school supplies, paperwork, and just general chaos that requires.

So when I saw this broken hearted note my youngest wrote to my oldest, I was undone.

One of my goals as a mom has always been that my kids like each other. Of course they love each other in the way siblings do, but I want them to actually like being together. To truly enjoy each other. And I went to a lot of effort to make that happen. One of the reasons we home schooled for a decade was because we were sure it would make them closer. I went so far as to read Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends just to be sure I knew what I was doing and wasn't leaving anything out. All this stuff worked. Obviously, there's the usual sibling squabbles here and there, but they truly are best friends. Which is amazing. Nothing makes me happier. It's the absolute best.

And the absolute worst.

Are they just trying to completely wreck me???

Thank God for FaceTime:

We love and miss you, Bobo!

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