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Quiet On the Blog Front

If 2020 has been anything, it's been loud. Too many words, too many opinions, too much noise...

It's all been too much.

So I've been quiet here—focusing on the podcast and my teaching—areas where I can share the light of the Truth in a world of warring truths.

But I'd be doing a disservice to my conscience (and my need to put pen to paper!) to remain silent at the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Not to mention my great pride and joy to see a woman of brilliance, integrity, gravitas, and grace achieve such an honor. What a moment for women. For children. For mothers who have a dream and go after it.

In many circles, Barrett's confirmation is not to be celebrated. Even the Girl Scouts got cancelled for daring to congratulate all the female Justices.

The Girl Scouts? Really? If there ever was a place to celebrate the achievements of all women it would be there.

But not in 2020.

From where I stand, the "dogma that lives loudly" in ACB looks more like a recipe for the life well lived.

Congratulations, Justice Barrett.

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