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Navigators 2:7 Series

My discipleship group just finished Growing Strong in God's Family this morning! It's the first in a three book "course in personal discipleship to strengthen your walk with God." This was quite an accomplishment for the three of us because of... life. We have very different schedules: one works full time quite a ways away, one is semi-retired, and I'm running hither and yon with kids and church stuff. That's not to mention the serious life issues we've got going on.

But we did it. I'm so excited about what the Lord is doing in this little group!

Navigators is a big part of my story. Because I played hockey in college, my Sundays were very often out of town or spent in our home arena. I met the ministry of the Navigators—then called Tuesday Night Fellowship—at Dartmouth College because I longed for fellowship and couldn't commit to Sunday mornings.

Definitely life changing.

Long story short, the Navigators played a very key role in my growth as a Christian and an even bigger role in my husband's conversion (that's a story for another post).

Most of my time in ministry is spent with bigger groups: leading bible studies, teaching Sunday school, promoting programs. Being in an intentional, small discipleship group challenges me in a very different way. "Life to life discipleship" is what the Navs call it: For Jesus, it was just life.

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