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Consistency Compounds

I heard the great leadership legend, John Maxwell, interviewed on the Rise podcast recently. The whole episode is worth listening to, but one thing that stayed with me is "consistency compounds."

We all know how beautiful the concept of compound interest is; Einstein called it "the eighth wonder of the world." But compounding can work beyond our finances as well.

What we do consistently compounds over time. If I want to be a runner, I need to run more days than not. If I want to be a writer, I need to write more days than not. Part of the reason I started blogging again is because it helps me keep writing when I'm not working on something bigger. Each little milestone compounds over time and pretty soon the end of the race or the end of the book is right before me.

I'm using the Christian Planner for the first time this year. It's amazing! It has this great little feature on each weekly page called Daily Healthy Habit Tracker. I love checking off those boxes and seeing more filled than blank! Week by week my consistency to meet a specific goal compounds and pretty soon I'm there...

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