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I'm Michelle Joy Waters. After binge watching Army Wives on Netflix—and loving Claudia Joy Holden—I decided I needed to start adding my middle name to everything.


I'm married to a pastor. We have six kids. We homeschooled them for 10 years before moving to the Bible Belt and accepting public school as a viable choice. I love most things about home education and some things about public school. Every day is a journey and we're taking it one year at a time.


I'm a pastor too. I just retired very, very early. 

I met my husband at Dartmouth College. I played Ice Hockey. He was in Theater and an Acapella group. (Think: The Dartmouth Aires on the Sing Off. Amazing). We were not a match made in heaven: he wasn't even a believer when we met. Long story short, through prayer and the ministry of the Navigators, (and a long and lonely tent stay for him in Siberia), he became a Christian. The rest is history. 

We went together to Yale Divinity School, studying Greek, Hebrew, and Homiletics in a tiny apartment while we enjoyed walking to Romeo and Giuseppe's for fresh basil and mozzarella and making our own home made pasta served by candlelight. 

Six states, four houses, three churches, and six children later...  It's been quite a ride. 

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